today is Dec 09, 2022

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Who says you can’t play golf in the house? OK, so you won’t be swinging any slices, that’s how you break a window. With the help of this at-home golf simulator, you’ll be practicing your swing with a weighted training stick. You can use it outside or inside, especially if the weather is unsavory. Plus, it’s safer for everyone that way and is a great tool for all golf lovers.

With an Amazon rating of 4 out of 5 stars, the Phigolf Premium Swing Trainer Bundle brings swinging practice to your living room (or office, hotel room, or backyard). As part of our Black Friday deals, this set is available for just $189.99 today only — hurry before the deal ends.

It’s designed to help you improve your swing by using photorealistic graphics from WGT and gives you the option to play on world-famous golf courses. The Phigolf swing stick and 9-Axis 3D swing sensor will help you improve and practice without having to go to the course. This intuitive software analyzes your swing and then relays that data to the PhiGolf simulator app. You can even play head-to-head rounds with other golfers across the globe in real time or take part in Phigolf’s monthly tournaments.

Phigolf Premium Swing Trainer Bundle, $190, original price: $279

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The set comes with a retractable swing trainer (28.1″ extended and 18.9″ retracted), swing stick, a nine-axis club sensor with Bluetooth v4.1, USB charger, and a safety lanyard. The simulator is compatible with three apps: Phigolf, E6 Connect, and WGT Golf where you can partake in a variety of game modes like putting game, driver range, and more. Who knows … with all this practice, you might become the next Arnold Palmer or Phil Mickelson!

You don’t even have to be a serious golfer to play. It can be used as a great party activity or something just for fun. Anyone who wants to have an interactive golfing experience can join in.

Normally, the Phigolf Premium Swing Trainer Bundle is priced at $279, but during our promotion it’s on sale for $190 today only! No coupon necessary. Black Friday price drops are finally here — get them while you can!

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