today is Dec 09, 2022

tl;dr: Generative AI is evolving at an exhilarating pace. The latest algorithm by Nvidia converts text into 3D mesh twice as fast as projects published barely 2 months ago. This means that the technical capabilities are now already surpassing our ability to work with them.

Last week’s paper by Nvidia scientists demonstrated the exponential speed at which the generative AI space is evolving. This explosion of activity - especially visible over the last 9 months - will have an impact on every part of life, not least on product design, engineering and production. The changes will unshackle the industry from structural constraints in the way ideas are communicated, empower faster innovation cycles and ultimately allow it to deliver its sustainability promises.

Having been told for years that AI would fundamentally revolutionize the way we work, few expected the creative sector to be among its first victims. The advent of GPT-3’s human-like text generator in 2020 brought the possibilities…